Rough-scaled Python

Scientific Name: Morelia carinata  
Geographic Location: Far North Kimberley Region, Western Australia

Available: Babies due to hatch in mid June 2016



The Rough-scaled Python probably has the most restricted natural range of any python species. Fortunately, a captive-breeding program was initiated several years ago in Australia. What is even more incredible is that a few pairs of captive-bred offspring were legally exported to a few zoological institutions, including a few zoos in Europe and the United States. We hold copies of the original CITES documents from Europe to the United States for our Rough-scaled Pythons. We hope to have more captive-bred babies available in June 2016.

The unique keeled scales on this species and its naturally small restrictive range, make this one of the most unique pythons in the world. Recent DNA work suggests this species is more closely related to Chondropython viridis than Morelia spilota. The official reclassification of these two genera is forthcoming.