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What's happening

February 6, 2016

Our winter cooling period is over and we've already had some exciting breedings with various species.

We hope to produce Rough-scaled Pythons (Morelia carinata), Shingleback Skinks (Tiliqua rugosa), Louisiana Pine Snakes (Pituophis ruthveni), Texas Alligator Lizards (Gerrhonotus infernalis), and some beautiful Clown combination Ball Pythons. If you are interested in any of these carptive-bred reptiles, please contact us early. Most of these sell out quickly!


2014 Male Rough-scaled Python. Produced here, this one is exceptionally nice. 

2014 Ball Pythons

Female Pastel het Clown, very nice, 660 grams, $500.00.
2015 Ball Pythons
Female *Morph* Clown. This is a reduced patterned Clown that also has an unnamed morph, $1500.00. 
Female Pastel Russo het Clown, $650.00.
Female Enchi het Clown, Dec. 2015 hatchling, strong feeder already, $600.00.
Male Pastel Russo het Clown, $500.00.
Female Russo het Clown, $400.00.
Female Pastel het Clown, 325 grams, $300.00.
Female Pastel het Clown, very nice, 150 grams, $300.00.
Male Russo het Clown, $250.00.
Male Pastel het Clown, $100.00 each.
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